A little fun around town with Latch On Jacksonville –Christy Whitehead Photography

I recently featured Samantha Kastelz on my blog to talk about her business Latch On Jacksonville, where she helps parents with their car seats concerns. However, I wanted to follow that up with a fun blog post of some of her favorites, including this around town.

What’s the best place to get a…

Burger: I love M Shack and Burger Barn. I LOVE when I can add bacon and avocado to a burger

Pizza: I don’t eat pizza…I am gluten and dairy free, but my husband and kids love a good stuffed crust Pizza from Pizza Hut

Chinese: Green Tea…Yum. I love beef and broccoli and sweet & sour chicken

Sushi: not a sushi girl

Italian: I used to LOVE Italian but alas Gluten makes it difficult to find anywhere good. However when I did enjoy going out for Italian I liked Enza’s and Spinach Manicotti

Mexican: Mexican all day. Tacos are my favorite. Salsa’s, Chuy’s, La Nop…I can eat tacos anytime.

A drink: I’m a red wine kina girl. Fisher Unity, Faust, Stags’ Leap, are a few of my favorites

Ice Cream/dessert: anything with peanut butter

When family is in town, where do you take them to entertain them? All of my family lives here except my half-sister. I grew up in Middleburg so my parents still live there. We like going out to eat and we are members at Deerwood Country Club so we do a lot of family events there

Now tell me some fun stuff about yourself, what is your favorite:

Color: Pink

Drink: Celsius and Zip Fizz..energy anyone?

Alcoholic beverage: Cabernet

Meal: I’m a foodie and can find something l like just about anywhere but any type of taco is generally a safe bet for me!

Dessert: I’m not a huge sweets person but love a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Movie treat: I’m not really a movie theatre person and I don’t do popcorn. I know, I know. Icee maybe.

Movie: Princess Diaries

Song: Anything by P!nk or Taylor Swift…I have their albums on a playlist on repeat generally

Dream car: Blacked out Range Rover

Theme park: Aquatica

Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Cake flavor: hmmm. I usually do Sweets By Holly PB Cupcake

And what about your first:

Job: A doctor’s office as a file clerk when I was 14

Car: 1995 Honda Civic manual coupe. I wanted to the funky door handles

Go find Samantha on the web here:

Your website: latchonjax.com

Facebook: LatchOnJax

IG: @LatchOnJax

She’s also featured on our Resources page.

Professional headshots by Christy Whitehead Photography.