VENDOR FEATURE: Sara Sohn, Confident Pelvic Rehab

In today’s blog I’m featuring Dr. Sara Sohn, who in a nut shell, helps women stop peeing their pants (and other sexual issues!).

Moms, most of us have issues where we laugh or sneeze and it happens. It sucks, but it happens. Well Dr. Sara lives and works right here in Jacksonville and comes HIGHLY recommended, so go talk to her!

About her

Business Name: Confident Pelvic Rehab, opened May 2021

What do you specialize in: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Sex Counselor and mentor to other health providers. 

I help people to stop peeing their pants and heal painful sex, so they can live and love – confidently.  I also offer a sex certification to health and wellness professionals interested in taboo topics. 

How did you get interested in this line of work? My mother is an OBGYN, I’ve always been interested in pelvic floor and sexual health. 

What is something about your business that sets you apart? All appointments are between 1-hr and 2-hr with in a comfortable environment. I am one of the only pelvic floor certified pelvic floor physical therapists and sex counselors in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. 

What is something about your business that most people might find interesting?I thought of the name Confident Pelvic Rehab, while on a long road trip by myself, and was really excited about the play on words “CPR for your privates.” 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Give value in the world. The more you give the more you receive. 

The fun stuff, tell me your favorites:

Burger: Kickbacks 

Pizza: Milanos

Chinese: Peony’s

Sushi: Sake House 

Mexican: Taco Lu 

A drink: The Voldstead 

Ice Cream/dessert:  Biscottis

Color: opal blue 

Drink: matcha tea 

Alcoholic beverage: Tequila, lime and club soda 

Meal: Falafel 

Dessert: Chocolate Ice cream

Movie treat: Icy with the stick 

Movie: Sharktale  

Song: No Day But Today 

Dream car: Jeep 

Theme park: Seaworld

Holiday: Passover 

Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Cake flavor: Pumpkin 

And what about your first:

Job: Camp Counselor 

Car: An old Convertible 

Where were you born? New York 

How did you end up in Jacksonville? I went to grad school at UNF

Where’s your favorite place to travel? Glaciers anywhere (Argentina, Antarctica and Canada) 

Where do you want to travel to next? Alaska or New Zealand 

What are your hobbies? I love to sing and swim in the ocean. 

Do you have any pets? I have a Bourder Collie named Minty 

Do you have any interesting talents? I can remember names fairly easily 

 When family is in town, where do you take them to entertain them?

Itchetucknee Springs, Flamingo Lake, River Walk

Where you can find Dr. Sara: 


She’s also featured on our Resources page.

Professional headshots by Christy Whitehead Photography.