Vendor Feature: Unicorn Tea Party Jax

We recently did a portrait session with a bunch of little girls dressed up like princesses (dresses are available to borrow upon request from the studio!) and a unicorn. 

For a little fun this week, we’re interviewing Luna, our little unicorn.

My name is Luna the Unicorn and I am 11 months old and only 30” tall. While horses grow until they are 4 years old , I’m a miniature unicorn and am nearly done growing , even before my first birthday! 

 I am owned by Miss Kate and live with my best friend , a Doberman dog named Lyla. Miss Kate named me Luna because my silver dapples make me look like the moon and Luna is the Latin word for moon.  Which I guess makes me a Lunacorn! While most people will think all unicorns should be big and white , I love the fact that I am different by being small and silver. I have a long white mane and tail though , and little girls just love to brush and braid it! 

Miss Kate thinks I’m too cute to keep all to herself , so she thought that she would like to do animal therapy work by taking me to hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately , I am still too young. Therapy animals are required to be older and more experienced working in public , so Miss Kate came up with idea to start allowing me to attend birthday parties and posing as a model in order to meet the requirements for future therapy work. Miss Kate also practices with me at home. She has looked very silly trying to scare me with loud sounds and weird sights , but I always get a treat at the end so I don’t mind! 

To keep me pretty for birthday parties and photos, I have to get a regular haircut. So while I look beautiful, I am no longer able to be outdoors when it gets really cold. On mildly cold nights I sleep in my stable with a mini horse blanket that fits me like a coat. But on really cold nights Miss Kate lets me sleep in the house! You read it right, I sleep in the house. Miss Kate builds a little pen in her parlor and makes me a soft bed out of hay. I don’t cause any trouble at all and go right to sleep! 

I love going for rides in the truck! I am no bigger than a large dog, so I fit in the backseat of Miss Kate’s truck just fine. Even though the windows are tinted, people can somehow always see me inside! So if someone sees me at a stop light, Miss Kate will roll down the window so I can say hello. You should see the smiles when someone realizes a tiny unicorn wants to say HI! 

I just started my career as a Birthday Party VIP guest, and I must say, I LOVE IT! I get plenty of attention at home, but nothing compares to getting lots of hugs, kisses, and pretty hairdos from the children at a party. Even adults like to join in the fun! I also get to have my picture taken…..a lot. Now that’s what I really like! 

 I really want to be a model. I love getting washed and brushed and camera ready. I like seeing the girls in their pretty dresses posing for the camera. I know that meeting me will be a memory they will never forget, and I will never forget them either! I don’t have any children in my life, so the children I meet while I am working  fill my days with smiles, giggles, and love. And that makes me one happy unicorn. 

Want to book your own unicorn session with Luna?

We hope to book her again soon. Email Christy to let her know you want info!

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